Saguaro Centennial Ball

On the occasion of the National Park Service Centennial, dancers in Tucson held a Saguaro Ball at sunrise to celebrate 100 years of protecting public lands and the species that inhabit them. This is a mini preview of the Ball.

Happy Birthday, National Park System!  Saguaro National Park, we love you best of all.

The Saguaro Centennial Ball is part of Standing with Saguaros, a performance project in 3 Acts, celebrating the saguaro cactus and the Sonoran Desert. It is presented by Borderlands Theater, directed by Kimi Eisele, and funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Southwestern Foundation for Education and Historical Preservation, the University of Arizona’s Agnese Haury Fund, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Puffin Foundation, and Mary Jo Ghory.

Video: Evan Grae Davis
Music: Harry MacDonough, “I Love You Best of All” (1916)


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